Beer Can Chicken

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2012-12-29 19.10.30

Another Thursday, another Fresh Living TV appearance.  This time I decided to usher in the grilling season (although I use the grill all year long) with a good old Beer Can Chicken.  It’s so easy and way more fun than a boring burger.  There was a 4th grade class at the TV station today and of course they got to watch me film my segment.  They were like little vultures hovering over the chicken waiting for me to tell them they could eat the “Props”.  As soon as I said go it was gone in seconds.  There were cries of glee and lots of yummy noises.  They all said they wanted to make it this weekend.  So I guess that means this is pretty kid-friendly.  Here is how I like to do it:

Vertical Grill Roasted Chicken

1 Whole fryer chicken
1 can soda or beer *if using soda can then you will need 1 cup chicken or vegetable stock
Kosher Salt
Fresh thyme
Fresh Oregano
Fresh Bay leaf
2 carrots, cut in 1” peices
3 potatoes, quartered
1 onion, quartered

Heat grill to high; 500 degrees or more. Pat chicken dry with paper towels. Generously salt and pepper the entire bird. If using beer open can and pour off (or drink) about ¼ c of liquid and put fresh herbs in mouth of can. The beer will fizz a bit so make sure you have it on a sheet pan or towel. If using stock fill empty soda can with stock and stuff with fresh herbs. Place the chicken over the can and stand the chicken upright with the legs tucked under. Place on small sheet pan (not non-stick) place vegetables on sheet pan. Place on grill and close lid. You may need to rotate your chicken if your grill has hot spots. Cook chicken until thermometer inserted in to the thigh reads 165 degrees, 1-1 ½ hours depending on your grill. Allow chicken to rest, tented under foil about 15 minutes. Remove can, carve and serve!