Proudly sourcing your meats, cheeses and vegetables from Canyon Meadows Ranch, Creminelli meats, Gold Creek Farms, Beehive cheese, Madsnacks produce, Healing Seeeds Farm and Ranui gardens 

*All menu Items are subject to availability

**Hormone-free and free-range meats and Organic ingredients used in all menus whenever possible

**Most menus can be prepared gluten, and/or dairy free

Most items are already vegetarian and gluten free or can be made vegetarian, dairy free or gluten free. We can work together to make the perfect lunch menu with all of your special requests.

organic greens | grape tomatoes | cucumbers | tender herbs | lemon | olive oil 

romaine and kale | crispy gold creek parmesan | slow roasted tomatoes | red bicycle garlic crouton 

arugula | radicchio | carrots | sunflower seeds | queso fresco | fig balsamic 

Penne or quinoa | carrots | celery | bell peppers | zucchini | lemon | olive oil | dill | parsley 

Garbanzos | tomato | cucumber | corn | mixed lettuces | cilantro | lime | queso fresco 

tuna | celery | micro greens | parsley | dill | lemon 

organic chicken | grapes | walnuts | fresh herbs | butter lettuce 

organic chicken | grilled onion | grilled asparagus | havarti | roasted red pepper mayo 

CMR flank steak | grilled onion | shredded romaine | swiss | house made steak sauce 

pickled carrots | cilantro | cucumber | kimchi mayo 

bell peppers | onions | zucchini | fresh mozzarella | brussels sprout slaw | lemon dill mayo 

pears | micro greens | brie | cherry mostarda 

Brown Butter Chocolate Chip, Orange Creamsicle, Almond Cherry Chocolate Chunk,
Chewy Ginger 

Happy Birthday Bars, Lemon Bars, Cream Cheese Brownies 

Wake up every morning to a complete breakfast with coffee, juice, eggs, bacon and fresh fruit. Add any of the following items or request a special menu to make it a perfect start to your day.

real maple syrup 

nutmeg | real maple syrup 

real maple syrup 

fresh corn tortillas | black beans | avocado | queso fresco | cilantro | roasted breakfast potatoes 

tomato | spinach | dill | feta | herbed breakfast potatoes 

eggs | sausage | veggies | cheddar | tomatillo sauce 

tomatoes | capers | red onion 

mixed berry coulis 

gold creek smoked cheddar | fried eggs 

prosciutto and swiss or seasonal fruit 

sausage, spinach, mushroom, gouda | asparagus, dill, fontina | bacon, potato, spinach, gruyere | roasted red pepper, feta, fresh herbs | sausage, egg, kale, tomato and parmesan 

sausage, egg, cheddar, and chive | mushroom, bacon, egg and gruyere | pancetta, scallion, egg and soft asiago | bacon, egg, havarti and scallion | spinach, egg, tomato and dill 

cranberry orange | maple almond | lemon ginger | cinnamon 

blueberry lemon | cinnamon | pumpkin chocolate chip protein (gf) | cinnamon protein (gf) 

Rebekah’s Kitchen passed appetizer menus include a wide range of delicious choices for your next party or event. I can also work with you to come up with the perfect customized menu for your personal taste.