Beginning as a teenage prep cook and apprentice to Rosalie Harrington at Rosalie’s in her hometown of Sudbury, Massachusetts, Rebekah Abrams has gone on to work in every corner of the kitchen and mastered everything from pastries to whole pigs. Rebekah moved to Utah to pursue her love of skiing and was even featured in Warren Miller’s Journey.

You may have sampled her cooking at Deer Valley’s Mariposa or Alta’s Rustler Lodge;  As a personal chef she has been in demand from both visitor and locals throughout the greater Park City and Salt Lake City areas for more than 10 years.

From Rebekah:

My fondest memories of cooking come from my grandparents’ house.  My grandmother was Edith, and I take after her in more ways than one. I cook with the same abandon that she did, never following rules and having fun the whole time.  There is always a sink full of dishes, which is nothing like my grandfather, Sydney. He was a doctor and cooked in a highly organized fashion—and while their styles were the exact opposite, they each prepared different elements of the meals we shared together. I feel like they both shaped me as a chef.  I was charmed to learn that, while my grandfather came from a family of caterers, my grandmother’s family were performers. I guess that’s why I became a personal chef; cooking for my clients is a kind of performance. Every dinner an event, every experience one you’ll remember for years to come.